Learning Homeopathy at Home

Learning homeopathy can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Not everyone can afford to pay thousands of dollars per year for tuition. Not everyone can find the many hours required for full-time training while they continue to pursue their current employment.

While we continue to develop our own educational resources, we have been searching the web for affordable courses which are structured to cater for beginners through to those who wish to become part time or full time practitioners. The courses on this page represent the results of our search.

Homeopathy Foundation Course from

This is a basic orientation course. It starts at absolute beginner level and gives you an understanding of the basic principles of homeopathy and the philosophy behind it. The course consists of four Modules, with 60 unique course units. Quizzes are included  to test your understanding of the material. It provides a good grounding for further study. This course is currently priced at $99.00

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Learn Homeopathy Now

This course, by Homeopathy educator Shelley McQuerter, is one of the best we have come across. It is divided into discrete modules which enable the student to study at their own pace, from beginners through to fully certified practitioners. The programs are all on DVD with accompanying documentation, perfect for home study.

A list of the five training levels is included below. Click on the links to obtain more detailed information.

Homeopathy level 1



An Introduction to Homeopathy For First Aid and Acute Care




Nine Major Symptoms Explored In-Depth For Acute and Chronic Care




Constitutional Profiles and Case Taking For Chronic and Constitutional Care




Constitutional Interviews, Repertorizing, Cell Salts, Remedies For Chronic Care



Psychology, Spirituality & Compatibility of Constitutions, Pediatric Care, Epidemic Protocol, Miasms & Nosodes




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