Is homeopathic prophylaxis a viable alternative to conventional immunisation procedures? Is it effective? Is it safe?

There are stories in the press every day about this controversial topic. We hear horrific reports about the harmful effects of conventional immunisation. Children have suffered terrible side-effects, and some have died as a result of this procedure.

But the diseases that we seek to prevent through immunisation are also horrific. Few parents are brave enough to trust to luck, and do nothing. Is there an alternative, and is Homeopathic Immunisation that alternative?

This page deals with the series of interviews with Dr. Isaac Golden, internationally recognised expert on Homeopathic Immunisation. We have featured interviews with Dr. Golden, and invited registrations for his practitioners course.


Thank you to all who participated in our Homeoprophylaxis project.

Registrations for Dr. Golden’s  course are now closed. We expect that there will be more courses in future. When details are available they will be posted here. 

The Recorded Interviews

The recorded interviews with Dr. Golden are no longer available. However, Dr. Golden’s books, and other books on Homeoprophylaxis, can be found on our MORE BOOKS PAGE (click on the Homeoprophylaxis Category)


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Sue Clary February 16, 2013 at 1:34 am

For starters, Homeopaths are hamstrung in the USA because they are only allowed to operate on a ‘Consultant’ basis and not as full blown ‘Doctors’ and therefore cannot compete. Parents are too conditioned by depending on mainstream medicine. It would be a great boon if more parents became familiar and used homeopathy for themselves and for their children from infancy, they would not have a problem with utilizing any Homeoprophylaxis for the worst diseases whether known or future mutations of microbes. In the USA homeopathy is still a sort of ‘underground’ treatment system. Also most average people are discouraged from ‘trying’ it because it seems very esoteric compared to the ‘point and click’ mainstream Allopathic system. If a person seeks to find a Homeopath, here seem to be very few practicing or I’ll say out in the open, hanging the shingle on the front door. Even with the epidemic of Autism running amok in our country (s) parents are too occupied trying to undo the damage and are stuck, for life with a permanently vaccine injured child. They are not looking toward the benefits of prevention via Homeoprophylaxis because they are overwhelmed dealing with damage control. my humble observation of the situation. Also many practicing homeopaths disagree whether or not it is a viable treatment method,. to treat in anticipation, with no symptom picture in the patient.


A.Jeevan Jaya February 16, 2013 at 1:05 pm

The question and answer session will no doubt throw some light on this subject.Homeo immunisation will no doubt will be beneficial to the children but its efficacy is to be prooved.If the same is proved then same may be discussed in the session.Regards.
drajeevanjaya India.


Dr.Subhassh February 16, 2013 at 2:52 pm

Vaccination of infants and children!!!I am a very angry doctor.I just can’t believe that we vaccinate babies when they are not even 24 hours old.It makes one sick to see to what extent vaccinations are undertaken,saying it is a preventive method for so many ills.A new born baby comes with such a delicate immune system,a brand new body,unpolluted body.And we are introducing,so called magic portion,into a clean body.can’t we wait,at the earliest 60 days,or 2 years to start vaccines–by which time we can test for antibodies.You know when I was small up to now(I am 66years old now) i have had only 2 vaccines..BCG at birth and smallpox vacc.when I went to India at the age of 4years.Now a child recieves a minimum 37 vaccines by the time they go to 1st.year school.We hear all kinds of news on the internet about the side effects.2 months back our newspaper brought the news”vaccines are safe”.,while a few years back they stated that”MMR”my cause problems.The was a great cry,which just died down.Now in some schools they are vaccinating children even without parent’s permission.What I see is, the huge number of hyperactive children–its really sad,sad,sad.Both ,parents and children suffer. Vaccines may be useful in backward countries where sanitation is very poor.To tell a fact”I do not where all this is going”.Question–Is it about money or health.You know that even questioning the validity of vaccine can land one into problem.At a Homeopathy Medical Conference A medical specialist mentioned that he almost got killed(in US)for fighting against vaccination.
One Last Word”MAY GOD SAVE THIS WORLD against evil beings”


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