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We have just released our newest Kindle publication on Amazon:

coverKent’s Repertory Students’ Anthology

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The Anthology consists of three main parts:

1. The Repertory itself.

The complete Repertory is included, with an elaborate navigation structure which enables the user to quickly find the section they wish to examine. I have tried to minimise the necessity to scroll through pages to find particular rubrics, a difficult task given the enormous size of the Repertory.

All of the original indices are hyperlinked. Every subheading links back to the index for the section in which it appears. There are numerous links (designated “RUBRICS INDEX”) which link back to the full list of rubrics.

All of the original cross-references are also hyperlinked, making it easy to jump to a related reference within the page or on a different page.

2. G I Bidwell’s How to Use the Repertory

Bidwell’s intention was to make the Repertory more accessible to students and budding practioners alike.

3. J T Kent’s analysis lectures on the forty remedies chosen by Bidwell.

These lectures are extracted from Kent’s Lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica. They are extensive and detailed. They should be used as an adjunct to the study plan outlined in How to Use the Repertory, to provide a background for the more focused study recommended by Bidwell.